Test Automations

Test Automation

ALTEN GT has been engaged in Test Automation Systems for over a decade. Design and Development of ATEs using Lab View/Lab Windows is one of the core competencies developed over the last few years. Another area that ALTEN GT has expertise is in the development of Simulators. With our vast Scripting Experience, automation of testing activities, have saved considerable project cost. Test Automation Services are used for both in-house and Customer Projects.

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GNSS Simulators

GNSS Simulators allow repeatable GPS based tests to be performed in the lab environment

Our Multi-Constellation GNSS Simulator demonstrates high fidelity and reliability for testing GPS based Applications and GPS Receivers

The Simulator has the Flexibility to configure all/some of the channels to replicate any constellation. They have the capability of multipath simulation.

Superior Error Modeling Capability helps simulate any real-time condition


Tailored ATE Systems

We can design Hardware to simulate digital, analog, RF and microwave inputs and test the response of LRUs. Custom Test Solutions are Our Forte. Complete end to end ATE solutions (Requirement, Design, Build, Validate and Verify) are offered

Inclusion of features (example data logging) allows the use of such systems in various Certification Programs.

Serial LRU/CCA Testers provide automated go-nogo determination

Skilled Workforce in developing Hardware Test Software and End Item Test Software


Lab Windows/LabVIEW/
TestStand/VeriStand based ATE

In depth experience in designing and developing LabVIEW/Lab Windows and NI PXI Ballard or custom hardware based ATE systems for specific applications

Multiple Test Systems have been designed for FAA and CEMILAC Certification of LRUs

Experience in using TestStand and VeriStand

Tester developed for Communication LRUs for two Large OEMs was successfully used in Certification. Testers deployed onsite at Customer's Location


Key Features – Automotive ATE

  • Programmable Power Supply
  • Digital and Analog IO interface (Configurable Voltage levels and channels)
  • ATE built-in-self-test (BIST)
  • Communication interfaces
    • USB
    • CAN
    • RS - 232
    • LIN
  • Cellular connectivity testing in Non-signaling mode (GSM, LTE, WCDMA)
  • Wireless communication testing (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)
  • GNSS simulation and GNSS module testing
  • UUT IO protection and signal conditioning
  • Interfacing Barcode scanner and label printer
  • Report generation and database management

Framework Test Solutions

Several Projects used Python and PERL based test scripts and proprietary Software for automating execution of test scripts

Our Test teams can get quickly conversant with a Customer's Proprietary Scripting Language and Test Tools

Our Proprietary Test Tool, SmartTester, supports execution of test scripts in batch mode.

Our Specialized Test Teams are conversant with Jenkins based test framework

Test Teams have also used Model Based Testing Methods