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ALTEN GT has been engaged in Test Automation Systems for over a decade. Design and Development of ATEs is one of the core competencies acquired and meticulously honed over the last few years. Our expertise extends to the design and development of Simulators in Test Systems. Our contribution to Test Automation Requirements of several Customers has yielded considerable cost savings. Our Test Automation Services are used both in internal Product Development and also in Customer Programs.

Our test automation expertise covers the triad of Aerospace, Defense and Automotive Sectors.


GNSS Simulators

GNSS Simulators allow repeatable GPS based tests to be performed in the lab environment

Our Multi-Constellation GNSS Simulator demonstrates high fidelity and reliability for testing GPS based Applications and GPS Receivers

The Simulator has the Flexibility to configure all/some of the channels to replicate any constellation. Multipath Simulation functionality also allows robust testing of GPS Sensors.

Superior Error Modeling Capability with Our GNSS Simulator helps simulate any real-time condition for thorough and robust testing.


Tailored ATE Systems

ALTEN GT is specialized in designing Hardware to simulate digital, analog, RF and microwave inputs and test the response of LRUs. Custom Test Solutions are Our Forte. Complete end to end ATE solutions (Requirement, Design, Build, Validate and Verify) are offered

Inclusion of Value added features (example data logging) allow the use of such systems in various Certification Programs.

Our Serial LRU/CCA Testers used in different programs provide high throughput and automated go-no go determination

Development of Hardware Test Software and End Item Test Software is another area in Test Solutions that ALTEN GT caters to.


LabWindows/LabVIEW/TestStand/VeriStand based ATE

ALTEN GT has in-depth experience in designing and developing Lab View/Lab Windows and NI PXI Ballard or custom hardware based ATE systems for specific applications. Mechanical designs of the ATE Systems have also been undertaken by ALTEN GT. Multiple Test Systems have been designed and used in FAA and CEMILAC Certification of LRUs.


Chassis and Instruments

A typical ATE includes Chassis and Instruments. ALTEN GT provides rack development solutions based on the client’s requirements. ALTEN GT performs an analysis of the client’s requirements based on which the appropriate COTS hardware is selected and design recommendations are made. ALTEN GT always procures and integrates instruments from reliable and approved vendors.

In addition, ALTEN GT delivers customized solutions in situations where Standard Instruments do not meet the requirements (e.g. Signal Conditioning Units and Power Distributions Units).

In addition to Instrument selection, Customization, and Chassis development, ALTEN GT takes care of Assembly and Wiring utilizing experienced In-house Production teams.

ALTEN GT is experienced in developing Full or Half Size chassis Solutions.

Test Fixture Solutions

ALTEN GT provides mechanical design solutions using platforms such as AutoCAD and Solid Works. The design of test fixtures is based on Customer Requirements such as a multi DUT testing for End-Of-Line production testing or a Single DUT test fixture for performance/validation purposes.

ALTEN GT also has expertise in designing robust Break-in Break-out Boxes which can split multiple signals to several connectors. This is highly essential in designing multi-DUT test systems. In Our design, minimal wiring is ensured with neat routing to reduce wear and tear as well as easy Maintenance.

For RF testing, ALTEN GT has designed RF shield boxes that ensure higher isolation from external components to test the DUT in non-signaling mode.

For single DUT testing, flexibility for connection and disconnection along with durability is a very important aspect and ALTEN GT uses an imperishable ITA (Interface Test Adapter) solution.

ATE Software Development

Our Engineers are experienced in developing ATE software using various tools like NI’s LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows/CVI and Python.

ALTEN GT provides a Layered Software Architecture as it simplifies managing the software. Additionally, it is also cost effective approach and saves development time.

ALTEN GT constantly strives to address the Customer’s challenges like parallel testing, test time optimization, reliable results, and test evolution. In addition, for keeping a track record of DUTs, ALTEN GT supplements Database Management Solutions on local as well as remote servers using popular databases like MySQL.

ALTEN GT also provides Test Engineering Services to cater to enhancement of legacy Test Systems.


ALTEN GT delivers all aspects of the ATE design to the Customers in the form of a detailed Requirements, Design and Validation Documents along with the developed Source code. Release notes and Validation Reports of the ATE accompany each release of the Test System. ALTEN GT recognizes that documentation is a very important aspect of Test System Development Lifecycle and hence provides utmost attention in capturing every single detail in the documentation.

Key Features of Our ATE Development

  • Simulation and monitoring all IO interfaces of the UUT
  • CAN
  • Simulator of all the protocols of the UUT
  • Development of Interactive User Interface
  • ATE development for UUT calibration, Production testing, Qualification testing, UUT development and lab testing
  • Development of ATE in various Hardware and Software platforms
  • Tool Qualification of the ATE
  • Customized report generation, Data logging, Database Management

ATE Development Standards

  • IEC 60950-1, IEC Electrical Safety and protection
  • standard as per Class 0I
  • RoHS compliance
  • Tool qualifications
  • ATE development as per DO-178B, DO-254, DO-330


  • Hardware/software services and support,
  • Obsolescence management
  • Tool qualification, as per DO-178B, DO-254, DO-330
  • ATE Validation as per DO-178B, DO-254,
  • DO-330
  • On-site customer support
  • ATE build to print services

Key Features – Aerospace ATE

  • Programmable Power Supply
  • Digital and Analog IO interface (Configurable voltage levels and channels)
  • Communication interfaces
    • USB
    • CAN
    • RS - 232
    • MIL-1553B
    • ARINC 429
  • AFDX ARINC 664P7 Protocol interface
  • GNSS simulation and GNSS module testing
  • Security and ATE protection sensor interface
  • ATE built-in self-test (BIST)
  • Optical signal analyses
  • Audio signal simulation and analyses
  • Report generation and database management

Framework Test Solutions

Several Projects used Python and PERL based test scripts and proprietary Software for automating execution of System and Software tests. Our Test teams can get quickly conversant with a Customer's Proprietary Scripting Language and Test Tools. ALTEN GT can quickly take up development and execution of tests that use proprietary tools.

In many programs, ALTEN GT has used its Proprietary Test Tool, SmartTester, in various test projects. Smartworks supports test automation by executing test scripts in batch mode in the Unit Level and Software-Software Integration Testing.

The Jenkins framework is also widely popular in automating Tests Development and Execution. Our Talented Test Teams are conversant with the Jenkins based test framework and can devise test solutions that fit in exactly to meet a Customer's needs.

Our Test Teams have also used Model Based Testing Methods to generate test cases and test scripts.


ALTEN GT has developed an ATE that is deployed in the production of an legacy LRU used in B737. The ATE proved invaluable to the customer and resulted in over 66% reduction in testing time. This allows faster production time, faster R&O response, all translating to cost savings.

ALTEN GT is an expert in ATE System Design with several other ATEs built with the design goals of exhaustive and faster testing.