Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

ALTEN GT can provide the much required stimulus to a Customer's Business Operations with top class Professional Services in the areas of Project Management, Software and Hardware Engineering, DevOps Services, Business Process Reengineering and IT Services.

ALTEN GT can help Customers ensure smooth progress of Projects/Programs with effective Project Management Services aimed at streamlining processes for greater efficiency and maximized throughput.

Cash-in on the benefits of Partnering with ALTEN GT. Some of the tangible benefits of the association will be:
  • Continual Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation
  • Efficient Project Monitoring and Cost Control
  • Dependable Reporting to Top Management
  • Staffing Models that suit the Customer's needs
  • Business Process Re-engineering

ALTEN GT has over 500 Hardware and Software Engineers and Project/Program Managers with a complete spectrum of skills to fulfill any project need. ALTEN GT ensures seamless integration to existing Customer's teams and visible Return on Investment starting from day one!



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