Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation and Professional Services

ALTEN GT has in employment over 400 talented engineers and we can cater to your specialized staffing needs. With all our engineers trained in Safety Critical Systems, we can provide the trusted support you need to complete your projects within schedule and budget. With over a decade's experience in Staff Augmentation, we have been hired by many large Organizations both overseas and domestic. Partner with ALTEN GT for your staffing requirements and fast track your projects! Save on Infrastructure, Recruiting and Regular Employee costs!

Some of the other benefits of Partnering with us -

  • Eliminate Geographical Boundaries with 24*7 people on job
  • No worries of handling Attritions.
  • Hassle Free Resource Fulfillment, Onboarding and Offboarding.
  • Reduced Time to Market


Our Staffing Solutions are Customer Centric - You get to choose from our very exquisite and talented pool of engineers. We offer reliable and flexible staffing plans - upsize or downsize in a jiffy!

We employ the very best of talent after thorough Evaluation and Background Checks

We support multiple models of staffing -

  • You manage the projects and the staff hired from us
  • Our talented Project Managers and Project Leaders manage the hired staff and the project using our well established PM Best Practices.
  • Use our Project Management expertise to ensure success in your projects
  • We support both Outsourcing as well as an onsite Staffing or a combination of both

Our Management Consultants and Engineers are passionate and committed with several years of relevant experience working on outsourced and onsite projects.

When Projects are managed by our staff, information flow is seamless and effective. We provide daily comprehensive reporting on Project Progress, Risks and Opportunities, Occurred Risk Management and Mitigation, Schedule updates, Budget Consumption. Additionally, weekly, fortnightly and monthly data for Higher Management Review is provided.

Our staff is well versed in AS9100 Rev D guidelines and ISO/CMMI Quality standards. Continuous improvement is in our DNA! Know more about our Quality Department

We are skilled in Automation and Reengineering of Business Processes. We use Six-Sigma techniques like DMAIC using Pareto Charts, Fish Bone Analysis and 5-Why Analysis. Issues are tracked to completion and necessary control to prevent recurrence.




We have engineers to offer in a variety of areas -

  • Embedded Software Engineering
  • Electronics Hardware Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Simulation and Test Automation
  • Systems Engineering
  • Hardware and Software Test Engineering
  • Firmware Development and Testing
  • Safety and Reliability Analysis
  • Quality Assurance and Control