Single Board Computer

Single Board Computer

A single-board computer (SBC) is a complete computer that is built on a single circuit board, with a self-sufficient microprocessor, memory, input/output (I/O) that is usually present in any functional computer.

A computer-on-module is a type of single-board computer made to plug into a carrier board, baseboard, or backplane for system expansion.

SBCs offer Cost, time and risk lowering benefits – some tangible benefits of using a SBC in a system is listed below:

  1. SBCs allow the development work to start very quickly
  2. SBCs can support many different applications/sub systems in an IMA framework
  3. For Safety Certifiable COTS boards, the selection of component is rigorous to meet the required DAL. Hence SBCs can be considered in safety critical Avionics.
  4. Safety Critical Avionics Integrators prefer the use of older technologies/older SBCs as they will have a service history
  5. COTS boards can have the facility of “turning off” HW components/functions that are not needed and reducing Certification burden, reduces SLOC for certification
  6. COTS SBC artefacts can be reused in multiple programs for Certification
  7. In Avionics, SBCs support open architecture designs that can include a set of SBCs, I/O cards, Graphics Processors that can be placed in a modifiable chassis
  8. Proven Design of SBCs and of avionics using SBCs reduces program risk
  9. Some sample applications that use SBCs in Avionics are

        a. Graphics processing applications

        b. Flight Control Computers

        c. Mission Computers

        d. In Flight Entertainment

        e. Supplement to display in a degraded visual environment using sensor data fusion


ALTEN GT is currently building a Single Board Computer for Drive train computer/LRUfor a UK based aerospace customer

A High-Level Specification of the SBC is shown below:

  • Processor : NXPLS1028A ArmA72 dual-core 64-bit CPU operating up to 1.5GHz. Available in single and dual core LS1018A and LS1028A configurations
  • Form Factor : 3UVPX Form Factor which is 100mm(W) X 160mm(L)
  • Memory : Up to 8GBDDR4-1600 memory
  • Software : U-Boot, LinuxBSPs, Accord’s ARINC 653 Compliant RTOS “OASYS”
  • Processor : NXPLS1028A ArmA72 dual-core 64-bit CPU operating up to 1.5GHz.