Embedded RTOS

Embedded RTOS

Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is one of the most important components when it comes to embedded systems. Deterministic execution pattern differentiates RTOS from a general-purpose OS. Scheduling algorithms, responsiveness, light weight processes, and determinism are the parameters to be considered while choosing a RTOS.

Why ALTEN Global

ALTEN Global is a one-stop solution provider for all types of Embedded Systems”. ALTEN Global has vast experience in embedded RTOS as ALTEN Global has its own Embedded RTOS called OASys which is compliant to ARINC-653. Besides that, ALTEN Global has experience in working with various embedded RTOS like Integrity, Unison, Linux based RTOS etc.

Accord’s own RTOS OASys is a strict Time and Space partition RTOS which provides deterministic behaviour required for embedded systems.

ALTEN Global has worked on various programs with RTOS in it. ALTEN Global has a dedicated and skilled team for RTOS development as well as RTOS application development. ALTEN Global is capable of understanding the needs of a project and choosing the best match RTOS scheduler to suit the application.